Annie Sutton, LCSW-C


Licensed Certified Social Worker - Clinical / Pronouns: She/Her

I am a Licensed Certified Social Worker-Clinical (LCSW-C) with more than a decade of
experience helping children and families achieve their goals. I specialize in treating
children ages 5-18 who are both neurotypical and with special needs. As a graduate of
The University of Maryland School of Social Work, I obtained a Master of Social Work
degree in 2007. I have worked with children and families across the lifespan, including
the Infants and Toddlers Program and a variety of settings at the Kennedy Krieger
Institute: the Kennedy Krieger School, Psychiatric Mental Health Program and Pediatric
Feeding disorders program.

In my work with families, I have found that the hardest thing about dealing with life’s
changes is grieving and letting go of the way you thought it should look. I feel strongly
that the parents and siblings of children with special needs benefit from support as
well. In my work with families, I have helped them manage the grief associated with
having a child with special needs as well as the blessings associated with the same
struggles. My hope is that the children, adults, and families that I serve leave my office
feeling empowered, balanced, and with a clearer focus to make decisions that honor
and respect who they are. I offer an objective and supportive voice to help my clients
find their own.

I have unique training as both an advocate for families and someone who can adeptly
write and implement social emotional behavioral, and social interaction skills goals on a
child’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP). I enjoy teaching children mindfulness in fun
and creative ways so that they can make meaningful connections with others. By
combining art-based therapy, play therapy, and the Social Thinking Model, which helps
children develop strategies to think about and understand the perspectives of others, I
teach children strategies to improve social skills. I am also an LGBTQ affirming provider with growing competencies in working with this population, in particular building competence in transgender affirming care.

In addition to my work with children, I am also passionate about helping adults cope
with life changes by using Voice Dialogue, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy,
Solution-Focused Therapy, Meditation, and Mindfulness. Voice Dialogue is a unique
therapy that allows a person to honor the different parts of themselves by giving time,
space, and energy to sometimes conflicting thoughts and feelings.

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