Brady Freitas, LCSW-C

GBCC Counseling Centers

Licensed Certified Social Worker - Clinical / Pronouns: He/Him

It is a courageous decision to engage in therapy and I am humbled to provide a compassionate space for people seeking to heal. The therapeutic relationship is a foundation that will enrich our lives by identifying themes of beauty, love and humor through self-reflection and building healthier coping skills for life’s journey. I strive to assist others with finding peace in the midst of grief. I utilize a meaning-centered, palliative and holistic approach to examining our struggles and strengths.

As a Transman I am in awe of the resiliency within the LGBTQ community and as such I hope to offer an affirming and culturally sensitive atmosphere. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a Masters of Social Work from the University of Maryland, Baltimore. Prior to joining GBCC, I provided crisis intervention at an Emergency Department and grief counseling for folks with cancer. My desire to become a therapist began with the lessons I learned while serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Zambia.

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