Bridgette Ratnam, LCSW-C

Bridgette Ratnam

Licensed Certified Social Worker - Clinical

Let me help you in your journey to wellness so that you can achieve the healing and peace you have been searching for. I bring to our therapy relationship more than 12 years of experience in the mental health field and a passion for helping others. I will join with you in using the wisdom that we each bring to assist you in your goals for your mental health. This journey can be joyful and exciting, as well as emotionally difficult and challenging. Wherever you are in this journey, and wherever this road takes you, let us collaborate in achieving your life goals for happiness and connection with others.

My approach to therapy is to use the inner wisdom you possess, as well as my experience and knowledge of therapeutic interventions, to assist you in reducing distress, and increased contentment and joy. I have had numerous successes in assisting individuals with even the most serious mental health challenges. Therapy has helped my clients to feel more satisfaction in life, feel understood by others, gain empowerment, and recover from life’s problems. I use cognitive and dialectical behavior therapy techniques along with compassion and mindfulness based interventions to achieve the results you seek. I will encourage you to develop mastery of the strategies that work best for you. My goal is to assist you in achieving confidence in your coping skills, so that you can rely on the “therapeutic toolbox” that we create together for you, for the rest of your life.

I began my career by helping individuals with serious mental illness. I obtained my Master of Social Work degree in 2008 and immediately took a leadership position in community mental health. For four years, I served as a director of regional operations in a local, non-profit behavioral health care agency. We enjoyed numerous successes, however I am most proud of the improvements in the quality of life reported by the clientele under my leadership. Having made lasting contributions at the management level, I turned my attention to serving clients individually. Since 2012, I have been providing individual and group therapy to adolescents, adults, and families. I have extensive experience treating a wide range of mental health and substance abuse challenges.

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