Jenna Ferri, LCPC

GBCC Counseling Centers

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

The best indicator of successful outcomes in therapy is the relationship between client and counselor, which is why I believe that a collaborative approach to your treatment is so important. I work to create a safe space and trusting environment within the counseling relationship, and help you to best advocate for your personal goals and treatment needs. Our past experiences sometimes teach us that it is not acceptable to speak up for ourselves, or that our needs are not important, but within the therapy space that we will create together, neither of those messages are true.

I work with adolescents as young as 12, young adults, adults up to the age of 55, and families. My background is primarily in working with individuals and families who have suffered complex and chronic traumatic experiences, and this is where my passion lies. I also treat individuals who are struggling with symptoms of anxiety and depression, and assist families who are in need of managing behavioral difficulties and navigating difficulties with their communication.

My background and experience working in the field of trauma and PTSD has shown me that traumatic experiences can take the form of isolated incidents that impact us in huge ways and change our worlds (such as a sexual assault, a car accident, a house fire, or a natural disaster). Trauma can also show itself in other forms that we may not always recognize (such as our experiences living with family members who struggle with mental illness, family patterns and dynamics that are no longer working for us, or unstable attachments with loved ones), as well as those traumatic experiences that are ongoing and chronic and have a tremendous impact on our lives and functioning (such as early childhood abuse and neglect). Regardless of how your trauma may present, I understand that it is difficult to build a trusting relationship with someone and open up about your most personal experiences. I am committed to making that process one that is safe and personalized to your needs.

I provide trauma-informed treatment for adolescents, young adults, and adults utilizing the Instinctual Trauma Response (ITR) Method. This method helps clients to gain greater awareness of the self and process past traumatic events, while recognizing that these events are in the past and that they are currently in a safe environment. I also prefer to utilize Psychodynamic and Somatic approaches during individual and family therapy. This means that I help my clients to gain self-awareness and understanding of how their past influences their present behavior, relationships, movement, other bodily experiences. I also utilize components of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy when appropriate.

I am a graduate of Towson University, and have been a licensed counselor since 2015. Prior to GBCC, I worked with children, adolescents, and families at Villa Maria in Dundalk.

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