Jerry Lawler, PhD

19 Years at GBCC

Jerry Lawler

Licensed Psychologist

I have 25 years experience doing therapy. I work with adults over 16 and see people for anxiety, PTSD, depression, anger, addictions, marital problems, adjustment and self esteem issues.

A therapists consulting room is a special place in our society. In mine you will find someone who will not judge you and who will not interrupt and tell you what you should do. What I will do is listen carefully and try to get enough information about your life, past trauma, family, emotional and medical issues, struggles so that I can see what is going on and suggest a plan. Our plan might be to help with a specific thing like your depression or anxiety or to help you get over a fear of social situations; or it might go deeper and aim for clarity about why you are constantly failing at relationships, or putting things off, or beating yourself up over small stuff. I might dig into your past to reveal some of the lies you keep telling yourself that keep you stuck. I might you feel a little uncomfortable at times if I think you are hiding from me or from yourself, but I’ll never make you talk about painful issues until you are ready. I’ll keep you in treatment only as long as you need to be then start suggesting that we finish up or reduce the frequency of treatments.

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