Kathy Miller, MA, LCPC

Kathy Miller - head and shoulders shot

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

Kathy Miller, MA LCPC has practiced in Anne Arundel county as a therapist and educator for 40 years. While working in a private practice for the past several years with a group in Annapolis, she created Oasis: the Center for Mental Health in 2004. Oasis has been a premier behavioral health program, offering urgent mental health treatment for children, adolescents and adults. In 2021, Oasis merged with GBCC, giving Kathy the opportunity to expand urgent care into the other locations available thru GBCC. This allows her to work alongside Dr Laura Steensen, co-founder of GBCC. Kathy has had the pleasure to consult with Laura for 10 years.

Kathy also enjoys being very active in her community. She wrote a HUD grant to fund community based programs to combat drug and alcohol abuse. This very successful program ran for many years. Kathy organized a group of volunteers, and built the original Leathers playground in downtown Annapolis. This playground involved 2,000 volunteers the weekend the playground was built. Kathy has also served on the select committee for the Mayor, and is active on boards today in the county.

When spending time relaxing, Kathy enjoys her family, which now includes 4 grandchildren. Gardening continues to be a very satisfying way to spend an afternoon, particularly if her husband is able to join in the fun.