Kevin Gormley, PsyD

Celebrating 8 Years

Kevin Gormley

Director of LGBTQ Affirming Care / Licensed Psychologist / Pronouns: He/Him

Talking to a stranger about your personal issues can be a frightening and difficult decision. My compassionate, respectful, and interactive style of therapy will help ease your initial discomfort. I provide a safe place to better understand yourself and the world around you; a place to grow and overcome your current problems. Growth often involves breaking out of our current habits and routines that have been leaving us feeling ways that we do not want to feel. Changing these patterns takes time and can be difficult to manage alone. I am willing to accompany you on that journey with support, perspective, and respect.

I conduct psychotherapy with adult and adolescent individuals. I specialize in relationship difficulties, depression, anxiety, adjustment to life changes, stress management, lgbt issues, secondary or primary health issues, and substance abuse. I also
conduct evaluations for individuals seeking bariatric surgery. These evaluations offer assessment of emotional risks for surgery and recommendations for how your treatment plan can be more individualized. A treatment plan tailored to your personal needs can lead to increased weight loss and better mental health after surgery.

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