Milton Hawkins, LCSW-C

Celebrating 10 Years

Milton Hawkins

Licensed Certified Social Worker - Clinical

I have been privileged to have a fulfilling career helping people to grow, change, and improve their lives. I have worked with a variety of people, from college youth, to individuals challenged with chronic mental illness and addictions, typical and special needs adolescence, to military couples, and soldiers returning from deployments with psychological wounding such as anxiety, grief, depression and traumatic stress. One of my close mentors often told me, “Be kind and If you can’t draw a horse, draw a dog.” This advise has guided me through my career as I have joined with adults and youth in supporting them to create a more adaptive story for their life as they wrestle with incomplete transitions and impaired personal and life conditions that restrict their motivation and capacity for joy and contentment.

In my role as a clinical social worker, I have discovered that I am very similar to my clients in questing for the courage to dream again, to forgive others and myself, to become untangled from incorrect beliefs, and in the struggle to be fully aware and present in the moment. I also know that the caring of my body, heart and mind requires me to connect with others and to trust the connection of family, friends, elders, and grace as I celebrate and mourn a lifetime mixed with many blessings and misfortune. With enormous gratitude, I am still on the journey of drawing both horses and dogs, as well as creating a place of kindness and safety for clients.

In 1979, I completed my MSW at Howard University School of Social Work and went on to become certified while practicing psychodrama at St Elizabeths Hospital in Washington, DC from 1983-2002. I am currently a student at the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute founded by Dr. Peter Levine, working towards certification in 2015.

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