What is Therapy?

We sometimes hear from clients “I tried therapy once and it didn’t work.” or “Having to go to therapy is a sign of weakness.” These are preconceived ideas that therapists run into on a daily basis and often have to work with the client to dispute these perceptions. We often ask clients what their idea of therapy is to gauge what the client’s understanding is of what we do. I often explain to people that therapy is a place for people to talk about their problems and help get ideas about how to address these problems so that they can begin feeling better. This of course, is a very general statement about what goes on in therapy. Therapy can be a powerful tool that allows people to explore many aspects of their lives, their backgrounds, and goals for the future. I came across an article that made me think “I wish anybody considering therapy would read this.” The author addresses 10 things that, through her experience, she wanted to share with the public about therapy. She highlights the importance of trust in a therapy setting, dispels some of those preconceived ideas that people have about therapy, and what some of our feelings are about what we do with clients. I hope that if you are considering seeing a therapist that you will read this article and it will help you make your decision. I also hope that if you find yourself wanting to begin therapy that you will contact us so that we can help start that journey with you.

Article: 10 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Therapy

submitted by: Steven Plummer, LCPC