Amy Kestelman, LCSW-C


Licensed Certified Social Worker - Clinical / Pronouns: She/Her

My name is Amy Kestelman (she/her) and I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I have a genuine curiosity about the human experience and it’s been an honor to have people share their stories with me over my 15 years working in clinical settings. I like to utilize humor and creativity in our work together. I provide a compassionate, supportive, non-judgmental space, and am affirming of peoples’ diverse life experiences.

I firmly believe in a strengths-based approach while incorporating interventions from several theoretical models to meet your needs. I will help you to reframe how you view yourself and remind you of your strengths.

My areas of interest include: working with adults with chronic health conditions, grief and loss, caregivers throughout the lifespan, adjustment/life transitions, reproductive health.

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