Anita Mentzer, LCSW-C

GBCC Counseling Centers

Licensed Certified Social Worker - Clinical / Pronouns: She/Her

Seeking counseling is a brave step and requires courage. Many challenges occur throughout life; some without any warning. I enjoy working with adults, ages 21yo + and developing a collaborative & trusting relationship to address these challenges. I am dedicated to providing culturally sensitive and LGBTQ affirming care and growing my competencies in these areas.

Most of my experience has involved working with children/teens and adults living with chronic or life- altering illnesses. In addition, working with adults individually, who are navigating life transitions. Grief and loss are often a part of these issues and impact everyone in a different and unique way. I value being authentic, kind, gently directive, and using humor along with my professional skills as a clinician.

My primary interests include working with those experiencing depression, anxiety, health issues, grief/loss, & relationship issues.

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