Anita Mentzer, LCSW-C

GBCC Counseling Centers

Licensed Certified Social Worker - Clinical

Seeking counseling is generally not an easy step to take and requires courage. Life generates many challenges; some without any warning or input from oneself. Building a collaborative relationship with clients is something I strive for so that you achieve desired goals/outcomes. Designating a specific time where you are committed to addressing whatever issue(s) lead you to therapy is important. Using my 35+ years of experience and skills as a social worker, I will work collaboratively with you to reduce the distress you are experiencing & achieve the goal(s) you are seeking.

Most of my experience has been focused on those living with chronic and/or life altering illnesses as they occur during adulthood. Grief and loss impact all of us at some point, and are defined in different ways. At times, seeking professional counseling can ease some of the burden. In addition, helping clients recognize their own built in strengths is important and often necessary for change(s) to occur. I value being authentic, kind, gently directive, and using humor along with my professional skills in the counseling process.

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