Laura Steensen, PsyD

Celebrating 26 Years


Licensed Psychologist

The foundation for successful therapy rests on the establishment of a strong therapeutic relationship. Within this relationship, clients are free to explore and resolve the issues which brought them into therapy. My work recognizes that we continually move through developmental stages throughout our lives. Each transition brings its own unique challenge: a divorce, new baby, school graduation, relationship break up, retirement, or death of a loved one. Through each experience we learn about ourselves, and that even good things produce stress that can affect one’s ability to function.

My clients are individuals who appreciate a straight-forward approach, allowing them to select the pace and agenda of the work to be done. Self reflection, the ability to see situations from other perspectives and a sense of humor will be useful tools in your journey.

I work with children, adolescents and adults ages 11 and up with individual therapy. As a member of GBCC’s LGBT Affirming Care Line since 2017, I am honored to provide an affirming space for those seeking a gender therapist. Other specialty areas include: ADHD, women’s issues, navigating life transitions and mood disorders.

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