What is Medication Management and Why is it Important?

Finding the right psychiatric medication for mental health conditions can feel like a never-ending trial and error situation, especially when you’re working with a general practitioner (GP) such as a family doctor or primary care practitioner. GP’s can be helpful for receiving a diagnosis and providing an initial treatment plan, but they don’t always have the necessary training or experience to handle the complicated nuances of psychiatric medication management.  Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners have extensive knowledge and specialized training in providing this care.

Getting your medications right so you can feel better is critical to your wellbeing. Psychiatric medication management, alone or with psychotherapy, can be an important piece as you begin the process of finding healing and balance, leading to a good quality of life.  It is most effective when patients receive medication management at the same practice that they’re also receiving therapy at, as your providers can easily collaborate on your care and treatment plan. 

What is Medication Management?

Medication management for mental health concerns is a specialty that involves an outpatient appointment to gather your physical and mental health history, review diagnoses, analyze past and current medications, and together with your provider make a treatment plan. It involves reviewing past medical records and collaborating with your other practitioners and providers to make the best decision regarding which medications may work best.  Additionally, providing a comprehensive list of previous practitioners you have worked with ensures that there are no holes in the medication management strategy.  An important part of medication management is being involved in your treatment planning.  Ask questions.  Express concerns or worries.  Your provider wants you to feel comfortable and confident in the recommendations they create for you.  

What are the Main Benefits of Medication Management

Medication management’s primary purpose is to ensure that patients feel their best and are on the right medications for them.  There are so many different medications to choose from, and having a provider who has extensive experience and expertise in prescribing will ensure you are receiving the best care possible.  

Mitigate Side Effects from Multiple Medications

If you’re taking more than one medication, sometimes they can mix together to create unpleasant side effects. Medication management experts know the ins and outs of prescriptions so they can help you prevent these side effects, either through medication changes, adjusting dosages, adding medications, or other remedies.

Medication Management

Save Money

Medications are expensive, especially if your insurance doesn’t cover a large portion of them. You can reduce the number of medications that you have to take through medication management. It may turn out that a different medication will treat more than one of your issues.  This is why a full medical history is obtained, and your full medical health is monitored for the duration of your treatment.  

Work with Experts Who Have Experience with Your Condition

Our medication management experts are intimately familiar with psychiatric medications and care. They make it their business to know the effects, contraindications, and uses for each medication to ensure that you’re taking the most effective and ideal medications for your needs.  They have the most up to date information as they engage in continuing education to learn about new research and treatment options.  

Medication Safety

Half of all deaths from medication are due to contraindications, errors in prescription, or incorrect dosage. Knowing all of the medications that you’re on, including dosages, etc, reduces the chances for potentially dangerous or even fatal errors.  It is important that you take your medication as prescribed, and discuss any and all concerns about your medication with your prescriber.   

Maryland Medication Management Services

GBCC Counseling currently offers medication management services at all of our Maryland locations and via online telehealth appointments for those who are currently taking medications or would like to explore medication as an option in their treatment plan.

The appointment takes place with a Board Certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner who has extensive training and expertise in treating a wide range of problems or concerns. Each of our providers have additional advanced degrees or training, making them uniquely suited to specific ages ranges and concerns.  Patients should bring their previous medical records and lists of all current medications that they are taking.  Be sure to complete the intake forms sent to you prior to your appointment or arrive early enough to fill out forms.

In addition, we offer a Patient Portal where patients are able to make request refills, contact their provider directly, and more. If you have questions about the importance of medication management or would like to schedule an appointment, please contact us here or give us a call at 410.760.9079 option 2.  

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