The Importance of PTSD Awareness

June is PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) awareness month. Nearly 8 million adults suffer from PTSD every year, according to the […]

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Medication Management

What is Medication Management and Why is it Important?

Finding the right psychiatric medication for mental health conditions can feel like a never-ending trial and error situation, especially when […]

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GBCC is growing!

In an ever changing, fast-paced world, the demand for mental health professionals is growing. We have noticed an increase in […]

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Marriage & Couples Therapy

There are many therapeutic models for helping couples having trouble in their relationships. The model I have found most successful […]

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June is National PTSD Awareness Month

The National Center for PTSD has designated June National PTSD awareness month. PTSD has become a household acronym in the […]

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Emotionally Contagious

I read an article on Psychology Today that talked about being “emotionally contagious.” What does that mean, you might be […]

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National Counseling Awareness Month!

April is National Counseling Awareness Month! April is National Counseling Awareness Month. This time is set aside to not only […]

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What is Therapy?

We sometimes hear from clients “I tried therapy once and it didn’t work.” or “Having to go to therapy is […]

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Welcome to the GBCC website! Please feel free to browse our new website and learn about the services we offer. […]

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